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Nowadays it's necessary to improve your knowledge about Cyber Security. The course is ideal for starting a career in IT security. If you are looking to build a stellar and elite career in IT security, you should pursue this course. It is one of the most demanded skill in current IT industry.
The demand for cyber security professionals is growing with time. The need for cyber-literate professionals is multifaceted and crosses a lot of fields. According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics prediction, Cyber security jobs will grow at 32% between 2018 and 2028, which is more than the average for all other occupations. From fresh engineering graduates to information technology professionals all are required to possess a basic understanding of cyber security operations, as well as to do the hands-on work.
The Information Security Certified Professional Certification is a knowledge-based certificate intended especially for students and entry-level experts IT professionals, and those looking to make a profession in cybersecurity. It involves instructor led training as well as integrated lab sessions to develop hands-on experience of the trainees. It also has clear chapter organisation which enables the trainees to sequentially learn the concepts of cyber security.
Anyone interested in learning or building a career in cyber security can enroll for the ISCP certification course.
It takes approximately 60-80 hours to complete the ISCP certification course. You can plan the lecture schedule as per your convenience and the schedule of the training institute.
Krademy is exclusively positioned to provide education and training that respond to the state’s need for qualified technical professionals in the cyber security field. We have tie-ups with premier educational institutes, industry consortiums and vocational educational institutes, which are a testimony to our quality.
Cyber security is a field which is ever changing. So you need to continuously upgrade your skills to prove your worth. The certification is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. However, after expiration, you can simply retake the examination.
You can directly take the certification exam. You may enroll for the certification examination by paying the examination fees. However, the success rate of such candidates is very low. Thus, it is advised to attend the course before attempting the certification.
The course fees include the following charges: Training charges, study material cost, 1 year student portal access, video lectures, e-kit, examination fees (1 attempt only), and government taxes as applicable.
If you fail the certification examination, it is a clear indication that you still need to work on your skills. You can thus reappear for a second attempt of the exam. However there needs to be a cool-off period of atleast 4 weeks between the two attempts. If you fail the first attempt, you need to pay the examination fees before appearing for a second time.