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Cyber Security Course & Certification

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Cyber Security Courses Offered at Krademy

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ISCP Course

Learn from the best of industry focusing on providing you a foundational knowledge of all important concepts with Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs).

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Web Application Security Course

Learn to secure web applications with OWASP related tools & features & become capable of defending their organizations’ web platforms with this Cyber Security course.

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Mobile Application Security Course

Evolve your knowledge of securing mobility tools like mobile applications to become a Mobile App Security professional.

Cyber Security Streaming Courses

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Basics of Networking

Learn about computer networks, their functioning, and connections to the internet from the best of the industry.

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Malware Course

Understand the use & creation of undetectable malwares utilizing dynamic tools like njRAT and Dark Comet.

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Footprinting Course

Get started learning websites, and e-mail-based footprinting and other important concepts of footprinting.

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Advanced Nmap Course

Know about finding vulnerabilities & identifying their hosts using popular network scanning tool, Nmap.

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Hacking with Metasploit

Learn Metasploit fundamentals, its usage, scanning and pre-exploitation techniques from experienced industry professionals.

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Wi-Fi Hacking Course

A step by step guide to Wi-Fi Hacking for beginners based on the latest technologies like WEP, WPS, and WPA.

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Introduction to Cyber Security

A complete introduction to Cyber Security including demonstration of different threats & phases of security.

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Pen-Tester’s Guide to Spoofing

Learn about spoofing, its types, and methods to perform spoofing attacks by impersonating users’ identity.

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Advanced Cryptography Course

Comprehend all basic to advanced elements of Cryptography particularly including AES, DES, and Hashing.

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Advanced Hacking with Metasploits

Get a smart demonstration of Metasploit, and exploitation techniques such as reverse connection and remote access.

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Network Security Implementation

Know about security implementation tools and techniques used to protect an organization’s networks and data.

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Bug Bounty Hunting

Get a chance to earn millions by learning bug bounty hunting from the world’s most successful bug hunters.

What you will get?

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Industry recognized certification
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Study Materials, Resources, and Books
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1 year access to e-learning portal
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Software Toolkits
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Video Lectures
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Live testing projects
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Placement Assistance
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An Overview of Our Series of Cyber Security Course

At Krademy, we have designed courses with a fundamental viewpoint of modern-age Cyber Security needs. We have described the protocols required to evaluate and manage the security needs of an information processing system We have discussed all important concepts and technologies of Information Security, the core and advanced fundamentals related to the security architecture, mitigating vulnerabilities related to the Cyber Security threats and attacks and techniques to implement risk and incident management tools to protect your security infrastructure from cyber attacks.

We offer the best Cyber Security courses in India and also to learners of regions outside of India. These courses are designed with a thorough implementation of all important industry standards preparing learners or aspirants as per the needs of organizations to fulfill their objectives. All of our courses are both qualitative and cost-efficient. We have easy payment options available for all courses.

As a credible online education platform, we focus on providing a hands-on practice on all the topics discussed in our course content. With our placement assistance for candidates, we help them to study without worrying about the opportunities they may or may not get being a complete fresher.

Our team of highly-experienced trainers comprises professionals who have been in the industry for years and have handled a plethora of Cyber Security projects. They are not only good industry professionals but also are excellent educators. Our strong commitment and emphasis on quality inspire us to bring something that can make us identified as unique, excellent and as the best among all.

We explore a variety of things while developing our course content full of practical and conceptual knowledge. Our package of Cyber Security courses comprises academic learning and practical sessions to tender our learners the maximum exposure to transform their basic skills to an advanced level which helps them to join prominent organizations with ease. Our community of learners and educators is remarkably vast and also growing ceaselessly day by day. Even with Cyber Security, we are offering an extensive series of courses featured with advanced lab facilities and sophisticated study-content.

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Cyber Security Course Fees

Krademy’s Cyber Security Courses are combined with quality study content helping learners to become competent security professionals. Since our courses have several features and benefits learners can choose a compatible course package of their choice. We have provided learners the facility to pay only for what they need, thus we take the proud of being the first choice of learners to pursue a Cyber Security Course of their choice. With our prime goal of empowering education, we run frequent offers where learners can avail of significant discounts on Cyber Security course fees.

Key Elements

  • Plan your payments with easy installment options
  • Our fee structure for different Cyber Security Course options ranges on the basis of benefits availed by learners such as books, tuitions, and regular assessments.
  • With an appealing user interface and rich user experience, learners enjoy quality learning at Krademy.
  • Learners get a recognized certificate of course completion after completing the course.
  • Since this is an instructor-led online course where you get all doubts cleared anytime, at the time of the lecture or afterward.
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Best Cyber Security Certification (ISCP)

Today’s era is of competitiveness. Everyone is looking for the best. Anyone can be better in anything apart from us when it is about the best Cyber Security certification. Our well-equipped training portals include interactive tools to deliver the best to our learners. The course content of this certification is developed considering the top career options of the cyber industry.

This Cyber Security certification comprises a comprehensive discussion of all trending tools and techniques being used in the industry.  To accomplish our objectives of this certification, our trainers utilize the best of their skills and knowledge.With this ISCP (Information Security Certified Professional) Course, we intend to bring the best results for our learners. 


  • Timely updated & comprehensive study content in different formats
  • Become an industry package by working on real-time projects
  • Supported by the TCOE, Government of India
  • Professional trainers with years of experience in the Cyber industry
  • Study material such as books, notes, streaming videos, & interview questionnaire
  • Strong career assistance
  • Payment compatibilities through different modes including cheque, cash, credit card, debit card, net banking
  • Cost competitive
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Proactive Placement Assistance

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Regular interaction with experienced security professionals

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Smart career consultation

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Analytical study of industry-level projects

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Tips to prepare a quality resume

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Mock interview & communication-related sessions

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Regular job updates from the world’s leading companies

Cyber Security Course Curriculum

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