Why Prefer Online Instructor Led Training?

Face Off with Some Quick Facts

What is Online Instructor Led Training?

Online Instructor Led Training is one of the most popular and trending form of distance education today. It is the practice of training learners (either individuals or groups) via trainers or facilitators who act as anchors for students in the journey of pursuing Online Courses. Instructors are knowledgeable and experienced personnel pro in facilitating learning material, skills and have a great ability to deliver material to learners online. Instructors train students in a lecture or classroom format, with interactive workshops and demonstrations providing the opportunity for students to practice and learn using many interesting tools! This entire process of delivering information and executing training programs via internet is known as Online Instructor Led Training.


Tools of Online Instructor Led Training

Online Instructor Led Training is of no use if participants are not active during Online Program! Hence, its important to make sure that they are engaged, paying attention, retaining material provided and are enjoying their Online Course. Planning and facilitating relevant and frequent interactions is the most important of all, interactions can only be made successful if the purpose supports learning objectives and learners are attentive!

There are different tools to help execute Online Instructor Led Training successfully –

  1. Audio / Visual Tools – Clear, appropriate and relevant visuals with supportive instructional objective forms basis of Screen Sharing. Clear audio recordings help learners understand the study material fluently.
  2. Whiteboard-Trainers and participants post ideas on same space. This leads to fruitful interactions and collaborative exercises for better understanding. Whiteboard tools like highlighting a text, underlining, circling concepts when taught takes training a notch higher. Participants can annotate while moderating a discussion.
  3. Text Based Chat – This facilitates open-ended questions. Chat also ensures opinions, problems and doubts of participants is heard. Also acts as a great tool for brainstorming.
  4. Polling- A great tool to get feedback and administer questions.
  5. Audio Discussions – The opportunity to hear fellow participants add another level of potential engagement, thus stimulating collaborative exercises.

The above-mentioned tools ensure participants feel engaged and encouraged by enabling an active participation that doesn’t loses interest!


A successful Online Instructor Led Training is incomplete without-

  1. Schedule: Online Courses have schedules for posting and viewing different timelines.
  2. Announcements: There are various announcements for posting information to learners.
  3. Syllabus: Online Courses combine a standard syllabus for respective coursers.
  4. Modules:  Views course content in sections.
  5. Assignments:  Ensure students are posting and submitting their work, moreover and are being graded for their work too!
  6. Private Messages: Helps to execute private communication between students and their instructor.
  7. Chat:  Real-time, coinciding conversation in written format.
  8. Tests & Quizzes:  Fun way to test learners in the skills and content taught.


  1. Hassel free Learning Schedule: Waking up and preparing for a hectic day full of travel and stress just to have a degree that could fetch good jobs is an old story now. With ample choices and perks of sitting at the comfort of your sofa and enjoying coffee by the table, Online Instructor Led Training is a boon for the millennials, who in fact urge for a stress free and quality-oriented life.
  2. Convenience: 24/7 access from any online computer irrespective of location!
  3. Enhanced Learning: Online Courses provides better retention of content! Reveals a study by researchers recently!
  4. Better Interaction: Stimulates active learning, thus promoting a greater sense of connectedness and synergy.
  5. Innovative Teaching: Online Industry Led Training Courses use some amazing techno-driven tools which makes teaching and learning, both a fun session!
  6. Better Reach: Online Courses have an advantage over traditional teaching methodology by targeting a large number of students irrespective of their location!

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