60% of Small Companies close after being hacked

In today’s world, every organization is dependent on Internet-based tools and keeps the data online which is very risky therefore their top concerned is a data breach.

Due to the increment in the data breaches the cost of breaching also increases, the average cost of a single breach is about $3.62 million. An organization wants its confidential data to be secured, so network security plays an important role in fighting against various types of cyber-attacks.  

After being a victim of a data breach around 60% of the small companies are closed out from their business. So from now, Cyber Security has become the necessity for all the organizations whether that is small scale or large scale company.

How suspicious network activities arise?

Suspicious network activity is the sum of different behaviors that involve irregular access patterns, database activities, file transferring and other abnormal activities that may lead to any cyber-attack or data breach.

Therefore this is the top concern for all the organizations to look into the above-mentioned activities in order to keep their business free from any of the cyber-attack. So to recognize the suspicious activities are now your first main work and then check the source and the type of the breach that can be generated because of these activities.

By doing so you will be able to take some right decisions so that there will be no harm to your confidential data or network system.

Some common examples of suspicious activity:

Data activity: You can recognize suspicious activity in the database if there are any changes in users, changes in permissions or any growth of content in the database. It is usually caused by internal and external attack.

Abnormal abuse: This is the most common way of any data breach which is caused by an internal attack. One can have a watch on these activities if you found modified audit trails, sharing if the account access and accessing any confidential data without any need.

User access: Any suspicious activity in this type is done by a hacker which is an external attack. It can be suspected if someone tries to get access into your network at odd hours, accessing remotely with multiple failed login attempts.

File changes: Any kind of replacement, addition or deletion in a file indicates a data breach.

Is suspicious activity is same for all organization?

It is not necessary that the suspicious activity will be the same for all the organizations. They may vary according to the size or the type of business of the companies.

Like, a small business may face abnormal database activities whereas a financial institution will get some account abuse or external user’s access. To learn more about the type of data breach or cyber-attacks and how to defend against them, you can take the help of the experts from Krademy. They will definitely help you out of these suspicious network activities which may harm you in a form of the data breach.

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