Corporate Strategy to Fight Against Cyber Attacks

Today’s corporate sector is at a much greater risk of cyber attacks than earlier it used to be. The cyber attacks have grown in such a scale that no company or organisation is safe from them. So there must be a rock hard corporate strategy to fight against cyber attacks.

cyber attacks

Before going into details let us first understand the whole concept of a cyber attack. A cyberattack is any type of offensive attack that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, or personal computer devices. A cyber attack may steal, alter, or destroy a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system. Usually cyber attacks are from an anonymous source. People often misunderstand this concept.

To be safe from these kinds of attacks, here are few steps that companies must adopt.

1. Adapt and Update

As we all know that technology around us is changing rapidly, we must learn to adapt according to it and these latest changes have new kinds of threats associated with them. Companies must be up to date with all these latest technologies and all the threats associated with them. Also, it is the responsibility of the company to keep their employees up to date and instigate them to learn about all such technological advancements.

 2. Train Employees

Companies must always train their employees to be secure from attacks. They must always encourage them to build healthy internet surfing habits and they must be trained to recognise phishing attacks and ransomware. If the employees bring their own devices along with them then the company must ensure that the devices are free from any kind of viruses and malware and not vulnerable.  

3. Use Two-Factor Authentication

In case your organisation is hacked and all your passwords are exposed then there is a risk of your data being hacked. To minimise this risk companies must use a two factor authentication for their websites and services. The two factor authentication ensures that the data is safe even if somehow your password gets leaked.

4. Conduct a Risk Assessment

 To be prepared for a disaster the best practice is to conduct a mock drill. Likewise companies must conduct regular tests to assess the risks and vulnerabilities. This will give a clear report on the status of company’s security and the company’s executives will have a clear view of what measures to take to enhance the security of the company.  

5. Identify all kinds of basic threats and be prepared for it.

After the assessment list out all the types of risks no matter how basic or how small the risk is. Note it down. Search for the ways through which the risk can be tackled. Also act like an attack is just a step away from you. This way you will always be prepared for an attack and during a cyber attack you will not be panicked and take the best measures.

These were some of the strategies that the companies could adapt to lessen the risk of being affected by a cyber attack. Some other ways are to keep a dedicated team for such attacks which overlooks the daily activity and the ever increasing threats that the organisations face each day, having cyber insurance and committing to a cyber security audit.

What we can do?

These policies are not only limited to corporate sector only. Individuals who want to be secure and browse the internet safely must also comply with some safety measures so that their data and identity is not at risk. To know more about cyber security join Kratikal Academy.

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